Renaissance is a three day conference in San Francisco designed to bring out the best in the iOS app making community.

With a single track of sessions, Renaissance addresses the design, technology, and business of apps in a format that brings app makers together to talk about things that make us and our world better.

Look around our site and join us to get the insight and connections to help you make the apps of your dreams.


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We recorded every session of Renaissance 2013 and Renaissance 2014. These 36 sessions (plus two lunchtime forums) will be classic references for iOS app makers and are online for viewing by Renaissance IO members.

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We're @renaissanceio on Twitter, we have a page on Google+, and you can find us each month at the Silicon Valley iOS Developers' Meetup where we've been making apps for iOS since April 2008.

Renaissance 2014

Inspiration, Essentials, Opportunities

Renaissance 2014 was held in January 2014 at UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco. Could it live up to the expectations created in 2013? In the words of one reviewer, Just about the best conference I have ever been to, and I've attended, presented, or worked hundreds. Very well run, considerate. I feel taken care of and learned a lot. It's great to reconnect with colleagues, talk with legends in person, and meet new people in diverse specialties. Thanks, Team Renaissance IO!

Inspiration. Bill Budge on Making.

Essentials. Michael Mace on the Four Mobile Traps.

Opportunities. Horace Dediu on the State of the App Business.

The first day of Renaissance 2014 inspired us with a great builder's story and some amazing creative tools.

On the second day, we rolled up our sleeves and dug into some tough but essential topics for successful app making.

On Friday we took a critical look at the state of the iOS app business and explored new areas for growth and app making.

Ethics for App Makers

We think that ethics is an important part of professionalism and that, specifically, ethics for app makers hasn't gotten enough attention. We started working to change that by inviting Santa Clara ethics professor Shannon Vallor to speak at Renaissance 2014. Watch her session here or on YouTube.

Mission Bit

At Renaissance '14 we were fortunate to hear Bob Ippolito speak about Mission Bit, an educational nonprofit where he serves as a board member and lead instructor.

Mission Bit offers free programming classes to San Francisco public school students. Classes are taught by experienced engineers and include everything the students need, including equipment.

In addition to his description and video of Mission Bit instructors in action, Bob gave us a privileged look back at a young student who was destined to teach.

At #renio '14

We enjoyed eighteen sessions and two lunchtime forums designed to bring out the best in the iOS app making community.

Lunchtime Forum: Ethics for App Makers

Lunchtime Forum: Cover Your Back


SpriteKit and Puzzle Games

Make Great 3D Games

Connect Everyone

Make Music on iOS

Win in the App Store

Get Your Code Under Control

Ship It

Get Security and Privacy Right


Make the Right App, Make the App Right

Project Bailout Stories

Connect Everything

Master Video

Running with APIs

Market Beyond the App Store

Design for iOS7 and Beyond


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CRM and Cloud Computing to Grow your Business


Enterprise API Management, Digital Strategy, and App Services

#renio '14 Financial Supporters


Cloud Mobile Application Development Platform | Funding for Apps


Build software better, together.

New Relic

Application Performance Management and Monitoring

Andreessen Horowitz

Silicon Valley-based Venture Capital


Exclusive access to top developers


Online file storage and more for individuals and groups

Orange Fab

Orange Fab USA in San Francisco


Mobile App Performance Management and Monitoring


What do app makers look like? At the first Renaissance, we thought it would be fun to start our conference with the personal stories of three people in our community. We heard three very different people share many common themes: enthusiasm, challenge, opportunity, wonder. It was so inspiring that we did the same thing again in 2014. Meet those app makers here, and join us in this exciting — and difficult — endeavor.

Renaissance 2013

Dare It, Focus It, Do It

The first Renaissance conference was held in January 2013 at UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco. We spent three days together learning to excel at the design, business, and technology of apps. How did it go? One of our reviewers wrote this: Before this conference I believed WWDC was almost a requirement. Now Renaissance is my first choice for the limited conference funds I have as an independent developer. Thank you, keep it up and see you next year.


We heard from the designers of some of the most popular apps on iOS, and looked at app making through the eyes of designers: animation, text, audio, engagement, aesthetics, and user experience.


We went straight to the people who are succeeding. We had sessions on App Store success, contract app development, enterprise apps, and IP and corporate acquisitions.


Sessions on animation, text, audio, and engagement tied technology directly to design, and as a bonus we had in-depth sessions on quality assurance and the exciting possibilities of Bluetooth LE.


At #renio '13

We shared eighteen sessions that brought us together in an entirely new way.

Dare It.

Animate your App to Life

Intelligent Marketing

Apps for Everyone

APIs for App Developers

Winning in the App Store

Beautiful Text

Control the World with Bluetooth LE

Audio Artistry

Focus it.

The Enterprise is Everywhere

Apps for Hire

Quality Quality Quality

Aesthetics for App Developers

Designing Engagement

The iOS User Experience: Past Present and Future

Power Up Your Intellectual Property

Do it.

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