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Horace Dediu on Apple and the App Business

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Horace Dediu is an analyst with a focus on the mobile phone industry and especially Apple. Blogging at asymco.com, he often posts surprising facts that confront the conventional "wisdom" of other analysts, who are often predicting doom-and-gloom for Apple.

We asked Horace to share his thoughts on technology, change, and how to anticipate the next big thing.

Audience Comments
  • “The data visualization in Horace's presentation were phenomenal!”
  • “Fantastic talk. Exactly the kind of speaker for Renaissance, to get you thinking about things you had not considered.”
  • “Very interesting in the different dots that Horace connected. Made me feel good about being an independent app developer despite not making very much money so far. I enjoyed his perspectives.”
  • “Horace is an amazing speaker with deep analytical insights without the usual industry fluff. I always learn something from his presentations and, more importantly, walk away from them with food for reflection on society, technology, history and our contribution to it as a person and a community.”
  • “Rocking presentation as only Horace can deliver! Fantastic ending to 2014 Renio!”
  • “My jaw was on the floor for the entire presentation. So many things I'd never thought to consider.”
  • “Wow! What a great way to close out the conference.”
  • “Mind blown. Fantastic.”
  • “Outstanding! Really liked Horace's presentation.”
  • “Huge.”
  • “Best talk ever.”
  • “Christ, this guy is BRILLIANT!”
  • “Would love to see him again next year.”
  • “Very broad yet still informative.”
  • “Best talk ever :)”

Horace Dediu

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